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In 2023, the Image, Sound and Cultural Representation Lab of the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication of the University of the Aegean completed the research project entitled “Digital applications for the promotion of the Musical Culture of the Northern Aegean using cutting-edge technologies” and is the continuation of the laboratory’s research work, almost since its foundation (2002), in the field of research, documentation and promotion of the rich musical cultural heritage that exists both in Lesvos and in the wider area of the North Aegean. The aim of the project is, through the digitization and documentation of the audio-visual archive that the laboratory maintains and expands during its operation, the highlighting of material through its integration into digital applications.

As part of the project, this website was developed to present selected “parts” of the archive, as well as a series of digital applications with the aim of connecting the cultural information with specific places and spaces of musical events or wider cultural practices connected with the Musical Culture of the North Aegean. In addition, a selected repertoire corpus of musical material was recorded and videotaped, with the re-performance of selected pieces from the musical tradition of Lesvos.

Musical Culture


The educational applications “Musical Playtime” και “Melody Maker” are designed for children aged 7-15 years and aim to combine play with knowledge, and entertainment with exploratory learning. The “Educational Videos” application features videotaped musical repertoire from Lesvos intended for educational use. The AR Application is intended for use on mobile devices and uses augmented reality technology to present musical events at various points of interest in the Northern Aegean.

Educational Videos

AR Application

Video recorded music performance of repertoire from Lesvos

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